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Boleto Fast

Boleto confirmation within one hour

Whether from Itaú, Bradesco, Santander, Banco do Brasil, Caixa or other banks, you will know the boleto has been paid in less than an hour.

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Boleto Fast

An innovation for the main payment method in Brazil

Send the code line through API and we will return the status once it is paid. Simple as that. Know the benefits.

Fast confirmation

Boleto Fast® is a pioneer and exclusive tool in the market. We offer the fastest confirmation of boleto payment. All you have to do is inform the barcode and we will confirm the payment in less than an hour once the buyer places it.

Payable anywhere

Where was the boleto paid? In a bank agency or in one of the 13 thousand Lotéricas? Was it paid in a drugstore or in the supermarket? It doesn’t matter. We will let you know once it has been paid.

Simple API Integration

Integration in one hour! All you have to do is inform the barcode and we will monitor until it has been paid.

100% guaranteed

With Boleto Fast ® we return confirmation faster and offer the maximum security for traders.

Save Money

Speed up the payment confirmation process and turn up your sales! Promote this unique feature within your clients.

Time is Money

Let everyone know your business is efficient, while your competitors may take up to two days to confirm payment.