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Everything you need for a pre-license in Brazil

The country is going through a regulatory process and we are prepared to guide your operation so you can be ready for the rush.


Gambling legalization in Brazil

On December 2018, the Brazilian Congress passed law nÂș 13.756/18, which authorized sports betting with fixed odds. The Treasury Ministry has up to two years for regulating requirements, which should occur by December 2020.

The matter has been subjected to several public hearings and is being closely followed by our legal team. This process has given us knowledge about the eligibility criteria, the licensing process and the operating rules.

Licensing Services

Assistance in every step of the process

It is well known that legal requirements in Brazil can take a long time to be ready. So why not start immediately? We can anticipate what we know beforehand, so you are ready when the time arrives.

Company Incorporation in Brazil

Only legal entities regularly incorporated under Brazilian law, whose headquarters and administrative offices are in the country, will be allowed to operate sports betting.

Applying for an operation license

It is not just filling out a form. An application requires many certificates and statements that must be documented and submitted during the process.

Attendance of legal requirements

Legal representation will not only help to apply for a license, but also to perfectly understand all limits towards what can and should be done in order to maintain a license.