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Payment Solutions

The complete payment solution

No matter how big you are, we can provide all the payment solutions you need to be successful in the Brazilian gambling market.


Boleto is the most frequent payment method in Brazil. Boletos are usually confirmed within 1-2 business days.

Boleto Fast

This new and unique solution garantees the payment confirmation of a boleto in up to 60 minutes.


Complete payout solutions, depositing directly into the user’s bank accounts.

Wire Transfer

It doesn’t matter if it is a traditional or a digital bank. Money transfers between all bank accounts.

Know Your Customer

Increase the security of your business with digital onboard

We provide real-time validation of CNH (driver’s license) and RG (National ID) with facial comparison and biographical information.

Document Recognition

We can automatically tell you what type of identification your customer has submitted.

Smart Capture

It helps users not to worry about lining up documents, taking unfocused pictures or photographing without glare.

Data Extraction

We ensure data extracts with 98% accuracy through multiple checking layers.

Bio Info Check

Validation of multiple informations by crossing government and private databases with 50+ sources of information.

Facial Match

Three classes of facial match: selfie while holding document + 3s liveness video (optional) to be matched between them and also a photo in scanned ID.